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Jonas designs sustainable holidays, by bike, boat or on foot, allowing you to move slowly and discover the pleasure of places and people that make you feel good. Since 1988, your holiday is our holiday. Our way to travel allows you to fully experience the places you visit, by moving slowly, while respecting the environment and having fun in a group.

We have been organizing holidays
in Amsterdam since 1997

During last 10 years we sent more than 700 people to visit your city, it means more or less 60 people per year, divided into 5 or 6 groups.

We use to organize 7-day bike holidays, from the end of July to the end of August, last year we started also with winter groups, always guided by our Italian Rep who lives in Amsterdam.

We are searching for new ideas, new itineraries, new areas that can be explored by bike or walking.
We are searching also for hotels that can accomodate our small groups.
We are interested in museums, boat excursions, and everything else that can enrich our tours.

If you are interested to contact us with your offer, please fill out the form. Thanks!

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