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Jonas designs sustainable holidays, by bike, boat or on foot, allowing you to move slowly and discover the pleasure of places and people that make you feel good.

Jonas wants to refocus its fundamental concepts and give more clarity to its mission and offerings.
In order to do this, we decided to design our holidays following 4 different lifestyles. We want to provide experiences and feelings, not simple holidays. To do this, we need YOU, an essential part of Jonas.


– Quality of life
– Sustainability
– Respect
– Humanity
Identifying our fundamental values means that in every holiday, conversation, or discussion between people inside and outside Jonas, these are the four concepts that need to reflect Jonas’ own identity.


Since 1988, your holiday is our holiday. We put all of our passion and experience in designing them. Travel in group by bike, boat or on foot allows you to fully experience the places you visit by moving slowly, while respecting the environment.


Bicycles are the greenest vehicle there can be: every place you visit has a deeper meaning while riding a bike. Moving slowly, you are free to connect with the environment and the people around you. We will help you choose the appropriate holiday based on your training.


Sloops, catamarans, yachts, and gullets are perfect for whoever loves the sea and wants to experience it to the fullest. You just need to choose your destination and, based on your lifestyle, we are going to offer a holiday tailored for your needs. Find your personal slice of heaven and feel free to relax in any way you want, our crew will take care of the rest.


It’s scientifically proven that walking makes you feel good: it helps you get away from any negative thought and it slows down your daily rhythms. Every walker can find his path: tell us who you are and we will guide you to the right holiday. You will able to share spectacular views and emotional moments with a group of friends that will always walk beside you.


Holidays are made of places and people. That’s why we go the extra mile when choosing the right mix of people that fit together seamlessly. We will match the right personalities so that you can leave for a unique holiday full of harmony.


You will finally be able to meet one of Jonas’ own, a guide that will accompany you during the entirety of the journey. Our guides are the glue that keeps the group together, the storytellers of your holiday and the true experts of the territories you will visit. They will be entertainers, comics and surely new invaluable friends.