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Marmolada: trekking on the Dolomites

Holiday code: DOL19

A week of trekking activities under the Queen of the Dolomites: Marmolada. A perfect holiday for those who love the mountains, excursions, and walks in the legendary Tofane, Cinque Torri, Lagazuoi and Civetta mountain.

How can we define the Dolomites? Picture yourself in a day full of fog, leaving for an excursion to the Dolomites. It’s you and your backpack, climbing while still feeling the numbness and grey in your bones. The climb gets harder, you start to feel fatigued, wondering if it was even worth it. Then, the fog starts to dissipate, you start seeing sun rays piercing through the greyness of the plains behind you. Here we are, admiring the walls of Civetta, one of the Dolomites. You stop and take off your backpack, turning back and seeing only fog and a dull view. It’s a lot of effort, but if you look up, there’s the sun, the rocks, green pines, a sea full of colors and smells…and the loud silence of the Dolomites. Close your eyes and picture it – do you understand what the Dolomites are now?


SUNDAY: Arrival in the afternoon and hotel accommodation. Throughout our stay, we can enjoy a wellness center open from 16 to 19, with sauna, whirlpool, Turkish bath, and tropical rain. Meetup with the guide, dinner, and a holiday briefing.
MONDAY: Following breakfast, we reach Feldaia pass by car. Our week starts with a circular excursion on the Marmolada’s glacier, Feldaia lake, and Gruppo del Sella. We walk together to the shore of the lake, looking at its beautiful blue waters. Crossing the artificial dam, we start our ascent to Porta Vescovo (2478 m). The path will guide us to Padon’s refuge (2407 m), where we can have lunch and admire an unforgettable view of the glacier. Soon after, we coast the shore of the lake to get to Fedaia’s pass and conclude our tour. Back at the hotel, we can relax and have dinner together. Those who wish can take a walk down the Alleghe lakeside. Length and inclination: 4-5h +600 m -600m
TUESDAY: After breakfast, we arrive in Alleghe by car. A classic of the Bellunese Dolomites awaits us. We start by going up to Col dei Baldi with the cableway to then walk down the path to Coldai Lake (2143 m) and its refuge. From here, we can reach Tissi’s refuge, almost on top of Col Reàn (2250 m). The view is endless, including Marmolada’s group, Sella’s group, Val Badie mountains, the Tofanes, Cristallo, and Alleghe’s lake. If we choose to, we can have lunch at Tissi’s refuge. In the afternoon, we go back down to Alleghe, crossing the ski slopes. We go back to the hotel by the late afternoon to enjoy some needed relax and dinner. Length and inclination: 8h +1000m -1400m
WEDNESDAY: Free day. For mountain lovers, we recommend Marmolada: from Malga Ciapela, with a cableway that takes you to Coston d’Antermoja (2350 m). Another cableway will take you to Serauta (2950 m), followed by a third that takes you to Punta Rocca (3265 m), in front of the highest point of the Dolomites, Punta Penia. Before stepping into the glacier, pop by Madonna’s Cave, then take the lift to the panoramic terrace of Marmolada. Admire the beauty of the breathtaking view on this UNESCO World Heritage natural monument. After a brief walk, we can go back to Serauta with the cableway, where we can find the Great War Museum. We can have lunch in the restaurant facing the Sacred Monumental Area. Here, trenches, walkways, and galleries help to realize how capable the Alpines truly were, along with the sacrifices they were forced to make. Alternatively, you can drive to Arabba and Pordoi pass, take the cableway to Sass Pordoi (2999 m). Here we can admire a gorgeous view and maybe start an excursion to Piz Boè (3152 m). If you prefer staying at low altitudes, we recommend a stroll along Alleghe Lake and a visit to Serrai di Sottoguda, a 2 km long natural gorge. We gather back together for dinner, followed by a leisurely walk under Sasso Bianco.
THURSDAY: Following breakfast, we head to Falzarego pass (2105 m) by car for our excursion to Gruppo del Lagazuoi. Its terrace is famous for the view of the Dolomites, it’s even mentioned in the Bell’Italia Touring Club Guide, the Rivista della Montagna and many more. The terrace stands over Falzarego pass, between Cortina d’Ampezzo, Val Badia, and the Fanes, Sennes and Ampezzo’s Dolomites Natural Parks. During our ascent, we can visit the trenches, galleries, and stations used during the First World War. The Great War also took place in these mountains, leaving permanent marks in the region. We can have lunch at Lagazuoi’s refuge, after a trek to the top of the mountain (2778 m). In the afternoon, you can go back to the starting point with the panoramic cableway. Alternatively, you can walk downhill with our guide. Back in the hotel, we can relax and have a grilled-based dinner in the woods. Length and inclination: 5-6h +700 m -700 m
FRIDAY: In the morning, we head to Giau pass (2236 m). Our holiday concludes with a spectacular excursion around Croda da Lago. This circular excursion allows us to explore all kinds of environments. We start with a magnificent fir forest, to then pass through the lunar-like views of Val de Formin. Look up and admire the majestic spires of Croda and its scree, where we might be able to see some chamois. We go up to Forcella Ambrizzola (2777 m), to then go down again to the shores of Fedèra Lake and Palmieri’s refuge (2046 m). After a break, we head back to the fir forest to conclude our circular path. In the hotel, we relax before our final dinner. Distance and inclination: 5-6h +800 m -800m
SATURDAY: Following breakfast, we say goodbye to the Dolomites and the rest of the group. See you soon!
Important: Program may vary depending on weather conditions and guide decisions.


Holiday code: DOL19
Where: Veneto – Marmolada – Belluno
Accommodation: Hotel Rosalpina – Bosco Verde. Shared rooms with bathroom, safe, TV, and terrace. 3-stars hotel at the foot of Marmolada. The hotel offers wi-fi, stube, wellness center with sauna, hydromassage, Turkish bath, and tropical shower, and parking. The typical Bellunese kitchen offers breakfast with sweet and salty buffet, dinner with choice of menus and vegetable buffet, along with grilled meat with polenta, mushrooms, and cheese cooked directly in the stube’s chimney.
Guide: one of Jonas’ own
Individual price: €620
Single room fee: €150
Individual use of double room: €300
Includes: accommodation in 3-stars hotel in double/triple shared rooms, half board, tour-leader, guided tours, entry to hotel’s relax area with sauna, whirlpool, Turkish bath, tropical shower, wi-fi, parking, and insurance.
Does not include: Journey, ski lifts, drinks, city tax, and anything not listed in the “Includes” section.
Note: Kitchen cannot guarantee a diverse menu suitable for vegetarians, celiacs, or individuals with food intolerances, please contact the hotel directly to arrange. OK vegetarian menus.
To note: this holiday is dog-friendly! Dogs or medium-sized animals are allowed but cannot enter the dining room and wellness center. Dogs can be brought to paths with a leash unless otherwise indicated from tour-leader. We ask for the highest respect to the group and the surrounding environment. We remind that pets are usually not used to long-distance walking, especially uphill and in warm weather. Normally, the hotel requires a daily fee and if necessary, a final cleaning fee for the room, paid on the spot. Food and necessary items for the animal are the client’s responsibility. By law, animals need to be covered by RC insurance, if you haven’t stipulated it, you can request us a price quote.

Taking part in mountain activities means walking in a group with different people, share the day, the difficulties, and emotions of the mountains. Please be supportive and collaborative with the group and guide, the latter of whom has the responsibility of the former.
Info and routes:
Monday: Inclination of +600 m and -600m. Possible reduction in inclination uphill using ski lifts. 4-5h
Tuesday: Inclination +1000m -1400m. Possible reduction in inclination downhill using ski lifts. 8h
Wednesday: free day
Thursday: Inclination +700m -700. 5-6 h
Friday: Inclination +800m -800m. 5-6h