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Discover the Asiago Plateau by Fatbike or E-bike

Holiday code: ASB19

Do you enjoy staying active while on holiday or would you rather calmly admire the beauty of the 7 Communities Plateau? If cycling is your passion, choose the Fatbike or cycle comfortably with an electric bike. Asiago is ready to amaze you, get on your bike and let’s go!

Two innovative bikes will make you discover Asiago in different ways. Our Fatbike is born for soft terrains, like sand and snow. Its wide tires adhere better to the ground and allow you to move swiftly in dirt terrains. As you cycle on an uneven path, you will feel like you’re cycling on a smooth ground! The E-bike is the assisted cycling bike that lets you enjoy the surrounding scenery without tiring yourself. Asiago, along with malghe, food, wine, and breathtaking landscapes, offers so much more: an intense historical-naturalistic itinerary that takes you back to the Great War. Nature’s strength was able to relieve past bruises of this territory, making you able to enjoy peaceful lumbermen, shepherds, and military roads. This is the perfect chance to admire the mountains of the pre-alpine arc.


SUNDAY: arrival at Casa Sant’Antonio in the late afternoon. Dinner together and presentation of the week’s program. Tonight we go out for the first walk around Asiago.
MONDAY: After breakfast, we are ready to hop on our bike and pass through a part of Trentino road, between meadows and woods, to get to Canove. Then, we head to Boscon crossing the English military cemetery. After a brief visit, we cycle around Monte Lemerle to later take a break at the Alpine bar-refuge in Pozza del Favero. We later stop at Bocchetta Paù to admire the panorama and Strada delle Malghe for lunch. To come back, we pass through Val di Granezza to Prunno, coasting the Astronomical Observatory. We cycle back to Asiago for some afternoon shopping and a few drinks together. Distance and inclination: 40 km +500 m
TUESDAY: Today we head to Gallio, passing through the Ossario meadows. We take a slightly ascending route to Turcio, to later climb up to the woods of Monte Corno and Campo Rossignolo valley. After some lunch, we are headed to Cima Ekar for Val di Melago. Here, we can admire Melette and conclude our ring circular tour in Bertigo. Passing by the famous Pennar Dairy, we return to Asiago by the afternoon. We can pop by the Laiten Military Memorial and the Old Prison Museum. We have dinner together with typical local dishes, like Rotzo potatoes, soppressa, polenta, and obviously the famous local cheese. Distance and inclination: 45 km +700 m
WEDNESDAY: We drive to Campomulo, with our bikes in tow thanks to a transfer service. Here, we hop back in to cycle down to Piana di Marcesina. The area was greatly damaged by the Vaia cyclon, which changed the landscape of the area completely, tearing down trees in Trentino, Veneto, and Friuli. The so-called Italian Sweden is nevertheless spectacular, thanks to its woods and meadows. We go up to Malga Mandrielle, where we stop for lunch at the Campomuletto’s refuge. We go back to the hotel for a relaxing afternoon, during which you can take a walk in the Val di Nos or visit the Cimbrian Culture Institute in Roana. Distance and inclination: 25 km +400 m
THURSDAY: We cross Asiago and its plain, to later connect to Strade del Trentino to Tresche Conca. During this peaceful day, we can admire scenic views of Rotzo and the Brenta Dolomites. We then proceed to Corbin’s fort, a military fortress built to defend Italy from the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the Monte Cengio’s district. On our way back home, we stop by the Malga Roccolo farmhouse for a snack. Around here, we can also find many museums, like the Cuchi in Tresche-Cesuna and the Great War Museum in Canove. This evening after dinner, we could go out to the cinema or for a beer in Asiago! Distance and inclination: 50 km +800 m
FRIDAY: Today we leave our bikes behind for some trekking to the North, in Monte Zebio. This mountain was the theater of bloody battles during WWI, as seen from the Brigata Sassari cemetery, the Scalambron mine, and the still-visible lines of trenches. After this trip back in time, we relax for lunch in Malga Zebio for some local delicacies. From here we go back to the hotel for a free afternoon. You could get some souvenirs, like the world-renowned Asiago cheese, the honey from Guoli apiculture, the jams from Rigoni, or the Kranebet liquor. We toast to our last dinner together and the marvelous week that just flew by! Distance and inclination: 9km +500 m
SATURDAY: time to say goodbye. Asiago and its nature will always stay close to our hearts.


Holiday code: ASB19
Where: Veneto – Asiago Plateau – Vicenza
Accommodation: Casa Sant’Antonio. A refuge where you can relax and be in contact with nature. This is the perfect choice for those that need to disconnect with isolating themselves, far from the city, but only 4km to Asiago’s town center.
Discover the hotel.
Individual price: €570
Fatbike rental: €100
Ebike rental: €100
Single room fee: on request
Includes: accommodation in double/triple rooms, half board, guide, guided tours, health, and luggage insurance.
Does not include: journey, drinks, city tax, and anything not listed in “includes” section.

1st bike excursion: medium/easy – approx. 40 km – 500 m
2nd bike excursion: medium – approx. 45 km – 700 m
3rd bike excursion: medium/easy – approx. 25 km – 400 m
4th bike excursion: medium/hard – approx. 50 km – 800 m
5th trekking excursion: medium/easy – approx. 9 km – 500 m

If you are trained and you want to challenge yourself, choose the fatbike. If you would rather enjoy the scenery slowly, choose the electric bike.